Authoritarian absolute master 

Wildlife artist-Le Leader

The alpha male is often necessary in a pack made ‚Äč‚Äčfrom 4 to 12 individuals. It is stronger and more powerful, he must constantly prove it. Its hierarchy used to birth control and promote healthy descendants. With the alpha female, they will be the only couple to have cubs. They are respected by all members and dictate the movements and moments hunts etc … As are subjects that I love to reproduce on paper, it is part of a series of 6 animals endangered (Wolf, Puma, white Pelican, bald Eagle, swift Fox and Grizzly) I drew.








“Le Leader” made¬†graphite pencil¬†on¬†paper¬†Fabriano¬†290 gr.

Format: 50 x 32 cm
Price: Sold out
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