Alpha male, the dominant pack

Wildlife artist-Le Mentor

The alpha male is the absolute master of the pack. He shares with his female responsibility only reproductions of the same pack. He ‘accept any concession of his superiors as he will have the strength to push the other younger pretendant.

Within the pack and even outside of it, it is easily recognizable by its way of moving. Wolves submitted show other visible signs, such as lowering their tails between their legs in submission while the Mentor he keeps his tail in the air proudly showing some confidence. When he returned from a hike, other wolves welcome like a king worships and congratulatory.









“Le Mentor” made¬†graphite pencil¬†on¬†paper¬†Fabriano¬†290 gr.

Format: 50 x 32 cm
Price: on request Original
Art reproductions, available here.