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Hello and welcome to my new site. Yes, I hear you say it was time! You’re right, that’s why I let you quickly discover my new little corner of paradise, the one with my passion. Leave me a note to give me your opinion!


Thank you for your patience and see you soon.


Françoise Nesse

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New Project

New Project

With the chance of great days, we observed the kingfisher, two unforgettable days that allowed me to study enough to immortalized.

Here is the beginning of the new painting …

projet Martin


Exhibition Carte de visite

Hello, My next exhibition in Brussels ARTopenKUNST be held from 21 to 02.23.2014 at the following address: Anc. Establishments Vanderborght Rue de l’Ecuyer 50-1000 Brussels (opposite the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert)                         Preview 02.21.2014 at 18:00 22 and Exhibition 23/02/2014 from 11:00 to 19:00 23.02.2014…