Françoise peint le bison “Tatanka”                                  ©

Originally from the south of Belgium , more precisely in Saint- Mard in Gaume (Belgium ), I spent my first three years in Congo Leopoldville (Kinshasa) , and then my parents came back in Belgium , first in the Ardennes then in Brussels, where I still live . Since my childhood drawing is a passion, but especially after elementary school as I headed towards an artistic way . I first followed the course of Decorative Arts and then I got a degree in Graphic Design at the “75” in Woluwe (Brussels).
These studies have allowed me to approach different techniques including color pencil , watercolor has long been my favorite tool. Later , I finally turned to the Gouache.
My first job in the workplace was the manually layout in the printing sector, which made ​​me move towards photogravure and graphics. At the beginning of 80 I really started drawing animals , peeling or flamboyant plumage , and characters.
My early works also included selected elements in nature that has always fascinated me for its mysterious side , inexhaustible source of inspiration , beauty and color . But my preference is to look reflects the depth and betrays all the feelings, moods, both humans and animals. Sadness , fear , serenity, tenderness, complicity reflected in the eyes; that is why they will often find themselves as the leitmotif in my work. Unfortunately, for many years, my professional interests and my evening classes did not allow me to devote sufficient time to drawing and painting.
Thereafter, I moved more intensively , both technically and in the choice of subjects , it is mainly wild animals that hold my attention the most was the joy of having to observe them in their natural environment.
I study the subject well and I gathered documentation allowing me to have new inspirations. I begin a composition by very detailed sketches and watercolor, afterward I perfected it all with gouache that brings more depth and intensity.
My wish is to devote myself solely to represent the beautiful nature and her living creatures.